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Inspired by her background as a painter and sculptor, Julie brings her love of color, pattern and intricate detail to her jewelry line. She combines the traditional art of bead looming with unique and current color combinations and a mix of finishes to create handmade, wearable art unlike any of the Delica beaded designs you will see.


How it started

Back in 2000, when I was in graduate school for painting, I picked up a bead loom just for the fun of it and started making jewelry, fast forward two decades and I am now working with numerous boutiques globally including Sundance, Free People, the Guggenheim museum store and The National Gallery of Art store. 



I believe that high craftsmanship and design over mass production of cheap goods will stand the test of time and make the world a better place. 

With a background in art, I bring my love of color, intricate detail and design into each piece I create. I want my customers to wear a little piece of art that they will treasure.

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